French Girl for 7 Days

For my first trip back to Paris in six long years, I planned every part ahead of time. Believe me, “type A” doesn’t even begin to describe the lists I made and pre-planned outfits I brought. Just kidding.
I flew to Paris a month ago with no plans. I didn’t booked a room to stay until the day before, I packed in a furious way and arrived at Charles de Gaulle without a single skincare product in my bag. I’ll wing it, I thought to myself, thinking about the French pharmacies ( Geoallo pharmacie 24h/24 ) on every turn and the natural glow of muses like Jeanne Damas, Louise Follain, and Lou Doillon.
I arrived at my house which was in the Marais and carried my bags up the tiny staircase to my wonderful place. I breathed a sigh of relief when I opened up the door to find a typically Parisian setup, with a huge balcony and big white windows. I made it, I said out loud, to no one, and treated myself with a glass of wine. Within minutes, I was in full planning mode. What I lacked in strategy leading up to my journey I made up for in willpower at that very moment. I searched for quotes about the most well-known French pharmacy products—the ones all Parisian models and superstars tout as necessities—and made a list in my phone. I poured myself another glass of wine, swearing to hit the roadway after a few more drinks.
Five hours later, I woke up and stepped out for a croissant and a bagel, ready to take on the day and purchase a few life-changing products. My temper was as sunny as the weather—I was in Paris, after all—as I walked down the street toward the nearest pharmacy. But the need to wash my face was vital.
I walked into what I can only describe it as the paradise of French goodness. It smelled like a fresh laundry as I wandered from a place to another checking the goods. I stopped when I came across the first product on my list.
Once in a while, if I had a long day or wore a lot of makeup, I clean my face with Avène Cleanance Gel Soapless Cleanser. I figured my seven plus hours of travel qualified as a “long day” and popped the soap-free cleanser into my shopping bag. The gentle method is made with French thermal spring liquid and purifies your skin without aggravating it. I couldn’t also forget the fact that it’s both a face and body cleaner—because I brought neither.
Micellar water is extremely popular in France because of the extremely hard water in Paris, which can be way too tough for the skin, as every dermatologist states. The cult status of this Bioderma product which is maybe the most famous of all, is because of many reasons. It works with the laissez-faire approach French women have in regard to beauty and the bare but dewy complexion each one sports on a daily basis. It’s super gentle, so it won’t strip or irritate your face, and it’s especially helpful for those with dry or sensitive skin. I quietly slipped my hand against my dehydrated cheek and scooped it up.
According to famous make up artists, the appeal here is all about the finish. There’s something extremely special about the result. It moisturizes the face while emphasizing a beautiful light, but it never looks oily.I especially like to use it with a cotton pad to clean up any eye makeup left under the eye for a clean canvas prior to foundation and concealer. This product makes my face seems like I just woke up.
I carried my new money up to the register and practically inhaled when the woman rung me up. It was just 40 dollars for three tried-and-true hero products. I had to stop myself from bouncing out of the store on my way to pick up a baguette and some food for dinner. I told you I was really going for it.
After dinner, I met up with some friends and spent the night having fun, drinking cocktails, and trying to learn the French language.
I also realized during the night that there is always a French pharmacy which stays open during the night in almost every area so I didn’t have to worry about anything.
When I got home, the sun was out and the bakeries were beginning to open. I picked up another croissant and walked home. When I arrived, I opened each of my new products and happily splashed, washed, and smoothed them on my face. I fell asleep with dreams of having a great skin due to these products
Low and behold, my skin looked great when I woke up. Sure, I was a bit puffy from my night out and lack of sleep, but I am sure that my skin was glowing and it was flexible like never before. Maybe there really was something to do this French-girl beauty routine. I used the micellar water again with a pad and tapped on more moisturizer to prepare my skin for the day. Still, there were more things on my list, so I had a full day of looking what to do. I searched through my clothes in search of another Paris-worthy outfit and went on my way.
Though Parisians aren’t huge fans of dry shampoo, there is always an exception, thankfully, because my hair was in need of a spritz. I found one product which is made of oat milk to calm and protect, as well as corn and rice starches to absorb extra oils at your roots. Plus, it gives the best volume, and as a girl with fine hair, I’ll take all the lift I can get.
After all was said and done, my skin looked great, felt soft, and my hair was on its best day. On the seventh day of my trip, the last full day I had in Paris before my way back home, I woke up to distinctly fewer fine lines around my eyes. I had been using a French eye cream, and it erased my first wrinkle. I couldn’t believe it. I metaphorically bent over to the French pharmacies and dentists ( urgence dentaire ) on my way to the airport and took every single last product home with me.